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PFF - Paint Protection Film

XPEL paint protection film works as an invisible layer of armour over your car’s finish. Our crystal-clear, energy-absorbent polyurethane film is computer cut from a database of precision templates specific to your car, and then safely bonded to the vulnerable painted surfaces offering up to 5 years of guaranteed protection. 

XPEL is 100% safely removable on factory paint, and provides all of the protection you need with none of the peeling, cracking, yellowing, and blistering that can happen with other less-advanced films on the market. Drive your car with confidence!

Mobile Tinting for Your Car, Home or Office

Window tinting diminishes UV damage, filtering out 99 percent of harmful rays. The coatings also dramatically reduce heat and glare, and protects the interior of your home or vehicle. Our professional installation is done on site and backed by a lifetime guarantee against cracking or bubbling.

Stay Cool Window Tinting uses high performance products to deliver the ultimate protective coating against stone chips on your car’s paint. We can also add graphics. You’ll be riding in safety, comfort and style after our quality enhancements to your vehicle. Call us today.

We exclusively use XPEL products

Made in the Shade

Burn rubber, but protect the interior of your vehicle—not to mention your skin—from damaging UV rays with our professionally installed window tinting. The film repels heat, so you’ll stay cool and comfortable. It also guards against hazardous glare, giving you a clearer view of the road for a safer drive.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Window tinting can prevent UV damage inside your house, too. It will protect flooring, carpets and furniture from warping or fading. Our window coatings can also reduce your energy bill by regulating interior temperature, allowing you to use less air conditioning in the summer and less heat in the winter.

Affordable Quality

With more than 30 years of experience, we’re perfectionists at what we do. We remove the windows from your vehicle to tint them, ensuring a higher quality finish. We even offer a lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, cracking or fading to back that promise up.
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